Rape Crisis Midwest – reaching out to men and women across the Midwest since 1980

This week, we got the opportunity to meet Miriam Duffy, who is Executive Director at Rape Crisis Midwest.

Rape Crisis Midwest, located in Limerick, is a a help centre for survivors of sexual abuse. Anyone can receive help and support, regardless of gender or when the assault or abuse has occurred.

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Limerick Suicide Watch – Working to Save Lives

We’ve met Lucy O’Hara, the public relations officer of Limerick Suicide Watch, to speak about their tireless work around the banks of Shannon to help people in distress.

Lucy and 26 other people decided to create Limerick Suicide Watch in 2016 in the back of a trunk. They now have over 70 volunteers and obtained the status as the only charitable organisation in Ireland that works to prevent suicides. Continue reading “Limerick Suicide Watch – Working to Save Lives”

GROW – 50 Years of Improving Mental Health in the Mid West

We spoke to Rob Stephen, who has been involved for almost 20 years with GROW, a charity which aims to help those suffering with mental health issues.

GROW is a mental health charity that originated in Australia before the first office was created in Ireland in 1959. The first meeting of the Mid West region of the charity was held in the Limerick in 1969. Continue reading “GROW – 50 Years of Improving Mental Health in the Mid West”

Novas – Providing homes to people who are homeless

We spoke to Beverly Hoban, a volunteer at one of the homeless hostels in Limerick, about their charity work and what help there is to get.

The charity organisation is working with people who are marginalised in society. The primary focus is on adults and families who are excluded in some ways and particularly people who are, or on the brink, of being homeless. At Novas, these people are being taken care of, with a place to sleep, hot meals and  a cup of tea seven days a week. Continue reading “Novas – Providing homes to people who are homeless”

Charity Week – UL Students Give Back

We spoke to University of Limerick (UL) Student Life President Ciara Jo Hanlon about Charity Week, the charities that benefit and how they were chosen.

Charity Week is a week in which students donate to charities while events take place across colleges. There has been controversies in colleges across Ireland as many feel that it is a week for excessive drinking with a lack of emphasis on the charities themselves.

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Clare’s Wish Foundation – Making Your Dream Come True

Earlier this week, we paid a visit to Clare’s Wish Foundation and Danielle McCarthy, one of the five UL students who work with this charity, to speak about why the charity was founded, the work they do and abseiling down Thomond Park.

Clare’s Wish Foundation was created in 2013 in memory of Clare, a young women aged 24 who passed away by a lifelong illness. It was her brother Kevin, who set up the foundation and still runs it today. It is the only registered Irish charity that grants wishes for adults with a terminal disease.

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ISPCC – Never giving up on children

We spoke to Shellie Murnane, Child and Family Support Worker with the ISPCC about her charity, the services they provide and abseiling down Croke Park.

The Irish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC), who have an office located on O’Connell Street Limerick  is Ireland’s national child protection charity. Their goal is to make the protection of children everyone’s priority. Continue reading “ISPCC – Never giving up on children”