Limerick Suicide Watch – Working to Save Lives

We’ve met Lucy O’Hara, the public relations officer of Limerick Suicide Watch, to speak about their tireless work around the banks of Shannon to help people in distress.

Lucy and 26 other people decided to create Limerick Suicide Watch in 2016 in the back of a trunk. They now have over 70 volunteers and obtained the status as the only charitable organisation in Ireland that works to prevent suicides.

The suicide prevention group patrol the banks of Shannon and the seven bridges of Limerick city centre four times a week.

Limerick Suicide Watch patrol the banks of the Shannon to help prevent suicide. Photo via:

“We are the first response, but we are their last resort. When we meet people, they’re at their lowest point in life and see no other option, we are here to help anyone feeling that way”.

In September last year, Limerick Suicide Prevention launched an app, which can be downloaded from their website or App Store. This has proven to be very popular with more than 32,000 visits for the support services. With that in mind, Ms O’Hara stresses the importance of seeking help and this app a great way for people to take the first step.

Photo via:

The charity organisation is not state funded, therefore they depend on donations. On the 10th of April, there will be a “Glow-run” at the University of Limerick which Limerick Suicide Watch are supporting.

Anyone over 12 years of age can participate as either a runner (you can walk, too) or a spectator where you get to throw colour at the runners! A great event for a great cause!

For more information about the race and tickets:

Website –

Facebook – Limerick Suicide Watch

Twitter – @LimerickSuicid2

Instagram – @LimerickSuicideWatch

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