Charity Week – UL Students Give Back

We spoke to University of Limerick (UL) Student Life President Ciara Jo Hanlon about Charity Week, the charities that benefit and how they were chosen.

Charity Week is a week in which students donate to charities while events take place across colleges. There has been controversies in colleges across Ireland as many feel that it is a week for excessive drinking with a lack of emphasis on the charities themselves.

Does the Student Life President think the charity aspect can be forgotten?

“I do think it can. It used to be called rag week but we changed that because we wanted to put more emphasis on the charity aspect. I stand by my team and what we have done to try and promote the charities.”

This year all the money raised will go towards four charities, Peter McVerry Trust, Limerick Suicide Watch, Clare’s Wish Foundation and Rape Crisis Midwest.

So how are the charities chosen?

“The four charities were chosen by the students. That is something a lot of people forget or do not realise. We ask students to put forward charities that they feel should benefit from Charity Week.”

UL Student Life run Charity Week every year. Photo via:

The Galway native admits that the week requires a great deal of organising to ensure everything runs smoothly.

“It is tough. We got a great number of volunteers this year which is great. It does require a lot of planning but the money goes towards four great charities so its more than worth it.”

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