Rape Crisis Midwest – reaching out to men and women across the Midwest since 1980

This week, we got the opportunity to meet Miriam Duffy, who is Executive Director at Rape Crisis Midwest.

Rape Crisis Midwest, located in Limerick, is a a help centre for survivors of sexual abuse. Anyone can receive help and support, regardless of gender or when the assault or abuse has occurred.

Miriam, who is the only full-time worker, spoke about the kind of support there is to get at the Rape Crisis Centre (RCC) and how they are part of the process for every individual coming through their doors.

After the first contact, RCC will provide information, counselling, support when/if reporting to the police and all the way to court, if wanted.

Rape Crisis Midwest has been providing support to people in Limerick and the surrounding areas for nearly 40 years.
Rape Crisis Midwest has been providing support to people in Limerick and the surrounding areas for nearly 40 years. Photo By: Ivan Smyth

Although Miriam is the only full-time worker at the help-centre, there are about 25-30 people, who voluntarily offer their support through counselling at Limerick’s Rape Crisis Centre and they have become vital for RCC’s daily work.

Unfortunately, that is not enough, €100,000 needs to be raised each year for the help centre to continue their work to support victims of sexual abuse. They are regularly in need of volunteers to help with fundraising.

The flowers at the back of the Centre ensure a relaxed space for people receiving care. Photo By: Elias Kallen.

The fundraising is crucial for RCC’s existence, but Miriam also points out that it helps raise awareness of their services in the community.

The first step could be to just talk to the staff at Rape Crisis to find support and information, or to explore the next step in the process. Rape Crisis Midwest will help anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse and is open six days a week. Please don’t suffer in silence.

There is a number of ways to get in touch with Rape Crisis Midwest:

Phone Monday – Saturday: 1800 311511 or 061 311511

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre: 1800 77 8888 (National 24-Hour Helpline)

Email: info@rapecrisis.ie

Online Enquiry: https://rapecrisis.ie/contact-us.html


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